Microsoft Research WhiteFiService
A research platform to plan your white space network!

The types used by WhiteFiService, and the APIs it exposes are defined below:

        public enum IncumbentType { DTV, LPTVAnalog, LPTVDigital, Translator, TVAnalogHigh, TVAnalogLow, TVDigitalLow, Microphone, Unknown };
        public class Location
                public double Latitude;
                public double Longitude;
        public class FlatIncumbentType
                public IncumbentType Type = IncumbentType.Unknown;
                public int Channel;
                public double Height;                            //Height in feet
                public double TxPower;                         //Transmit power in kW
                public double ThresholdDistance;         //In miles
                public double Latitude;
                public double Longitude;
                public int Population;                            //# of people this incumbent covers
                public int Area;                                      //Square miles
                public string Status;                              //If this is a DTV then this field
                public int AntennaID;
                public string AntennaMake;   
                public string CallSign;   
                public double RSSI;                                 //In dBm
                public int AntennaRotation;                   //In degrees
                public string State;
                public double MechanicalTilt;   
                public string ElevationDataSource;        
                public string PropagationMode;            
                public string Comments;
                public Location[] AreaPoints;                 //For internal consumption only - Ignore for now.
        public class AnalysisResult
                //The following are across all bands
                public int TotalFreeChannels;
                public int MaxContiguousWidth;
                public int MedianContiguousWidth;
                public int MinContiguousWidth;
                //The following are across UHF only
                public int UHFTotalFreeChannels;
                public int UHFMaxContiguousWidth;
                public int UHFMedianContiguousWidth;
                public int UHFMinContiguousWidth;
                public bool[] ChannelMap;    
                public AnalysisResult()
                    this.ChannelMap = new bool[52];


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